Choc Mint Alexander Cocktail Recipe

Choc Mint Alexander Cocktail Recipe - August 2022

The Choc Mint Alexander is a cognac based cocktail delivering a twist on the Brandy Alexander. This cocktail is built using Martell Cognac, Crème de Cacao chocolate liqueur, Crème de menthe mint liqueur, cream and chocolate bitters. It is then shaken vigorously to blend all ingredients to give it a creamy and rich texture.


Glassware: Martini Glass


  • 30 mL Martell Cognac
  • 20 mL Crème de Cacao
  • 10 mL Crème de menthe
  • 30 mL Cream
  • Chocolate Bitters
  • Ice
  • Mint leaves and dark chocolate for garnish


    Pour cognac, liqueurs, cream and bitters into the shaker. Then add ice, seal and shake vigorously. Pour using the strainer into a martini glass and garnish with shredded dark chocolate and a mint leaf. Enjoy!
    Measure the cocktail ingredients using a ProwFlow Pourer onthe liquor bottles and pour into a ProMegJig Jigger. Use an M Shaker Cocktail Shaker to shake the cocktail. Use a BarRay Strainer to strain into selected glass. See our Barware range on our website for these tools.
    Recipe courtesy of Uber Bar Tools

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