Aviation Spritz Cocktail Recipe

Aviation Spritz Cocktail Recipe

February 14, 2019

Aviation Spritz Cocktail Recipe | Überbartools™

This Aviation Spritz cocktail uses Rosé wine and gin for perfect summer sipping.


  • 30ml Aviation gin
  • 60ml Rosé wine
  • 30ml pink grapefruit juice
  • 60ml Fever Tree Aromatic tonic water
  • Dash of orange blossom water


Use a ProFlow pourer and ProMegJig jigger to accurately measure the gin into a large wine glass. Add rosé wine, grapefruit juice and tonic water to the glass with a scoop of ice. Stir well with a ProStirrer.


Use a Long Tweezer to garnish with pink grapefruit segments and a JetMister to mist with orange blossom water.


Recipe courtesy of Uber Bar Tools

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